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ABOUT   Life512

The purpose of the organization is to be a living example of the message of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ).  We work to build a servant hearts through biblical studies education and community outreach.

Reflecting Eternal Father’s love through true sonship; Life512 is a community that seeks to express the greatest commandment given “to love the Lord our God with all that we are and to love our neighbor.”  This single most important power gives us a salvation that is more than a confession but a way to life.


Our focus is to present  the full message of the bible from a Hebraic position to include Torah observance while accepting the revelation of Yeshua in Brit H’Chadash, New Covenant.  We do this through ongoing learning communities, books, study programs, seminars, conferences and guided Israel tours. Our aim is to reach non-believers and to help renew the believer's faith, by encouraging discipleship, and the whole Word of God.

Visit Etz Chayim our parent organization for more information.

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